110 Must Take Wedding Photos

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110 Must Take Wedding Photos


Every couple getting married should have a photo checklist they send to their wedding photographer as well as their videographer roughly one week before their wedding date. Usually the photographer and videographer will be working side-by-side, capturing your important moments.

Here are 110 Wedding Moments you should capture on film!

This list is just a generalization to give you an idea of the list to create for your photographer. Whether you are having a flower girl or not, whether you are a bride and groom, two brides, two grooms, or a bridegroom, this list should make your lives easier! Tailor it to fit your own wedding! (The list you give your photo/video vendor should mainly consist of which family members/friends you would like individual photos with. They will already know to get a lot of these photos listed, like detail photos and the 1st kiss. If you want any specific photos, generally you can make requests. Ultimately, trust in your photographer. As long as you hired a professional and you like their photos (which I really hope you do!) they will capture your day perfectly, with their own artist flair! 

updated: 03/14/2020

Getting Ready

1. Wedding dress/suit/tux on a hanger
2. Wedding invitation
3. Engagement ring and wedding bands
4. Bride(s) and bridesmaids’ bouquets
5. Bride’s jewelry
6. Bride’s Shoes, Garter, something old, new, borrowed, blue
7. Gifts to each other
8. Family memorabilia, e.g. heirloom jewelry
9. Bride(s) & Bridesmaids in robes/PJs
10. Bride(s) applying makeup
11. Bridesmaids and/or mother of the bride(s) helping the bride into her dress
12. Putting on the veil
13. Bride(s) looking at herself in full length mirror
14. Groom(s) tying his tie
15. Groom’s shoes
16. Groom(s) pinning boutonniere on his father
17. Mother/Father pinning boutonniere on the groom(s)
18. Leaving for the ceremony

Before the Wedding Couple Sees Each Other

19. Bride(s) alone
20. Bride(s) with mom and dad
21. Bride(s) with dad
22. Bride(s) with mom
23. Bride(s) with immediate family
24. Bride(s) with siblings
25. Generational shot: Bride(s), mom, sister(s), grandmother
26. Bride(s) with mom and mother-in-law
27. Bride(s) with mother-in-law
28. Bride(s) with bridesmaids
29. Bride(s) with maid of honor
30. Bride(s) with flower girl(s)
31. Groom(s) alone
32. Groom(s) with mom and dad
33. Groom(s) with dad
34. Groom(s) with mom
35. Groom(s) with immediate family
36. Groom(s) with siblings
37. Generational shot: Groom(s), father, brother(s), grandfather
38. Groom(s) with father and father-in-law
39. Groom(s) with father-in-law
40. Groom(s) with groomsmen
41. Groom(s) with best man
42. Groom(s) with ring bearer(s)

Photos Together

43. Anticipation of 1st look
44. The 1st look

45. Wedding couple
46. Wedding couple, bride’s immediate family
47. Wedding couple, bride’s parents
48. Wedding couple, groom’s immediate family
49. Wedding couple, groom’s parents
50. Wedding couple, both sets of parents
51. Wedding couple, both immediate families
52. Wedding couple, siblings
53. Wedding couple, all grandparents
54. Wedding couple, each grandparent (or set of grandparents)
55. Wedding couple with extended families
56. Wedding couple, maid of honor, best man
57. Wedding couple, flower girl, ring bearer
58. Bride(s) with groomsmen
59. Groom(s) with bridesmaids
60. Wedding couple, full wedding party


61. Room shots at ceremony
62. Aisle arrangements, e.g. floral on arch, hanging vases, aisle petals
63. Ceremony signs, programs, chairs, welcome beverages, etc.
64. Wedding party and parents walking down the aisle
65. Ceremony musician
66. Bride(s) walking down the aisle
67. Groom’s face as he waits/sees her
68. Wedding couple at the altar together
69. Altar or canopy from the back during ceremony
70. Wide shot of audience during ceremony
71. Faces of wedding couple as they exchange vows
72. Bridesmaids at the alter
73. Groomsmen at the alter
74. Close-up of the exchange of rings
75. The first kiss as a married couple!
76. The recessional
77. Guestbook
78. Congrats shots: couple  hugging, laughing, and crying with loved ones
79. Ketubah signing (may take place before ceremony) and/or signing of marriage certificate
80. Wedding couple in limo backseat


86. Room shots at reception
87. Wish you were here table
88. Cake/Dessert Table
89. Close-up of all signs, e.g. bar, welcome sign, guestbook sign
90. Close-up of seating-card display
91. Close-up of centerpieces
92. Close-up of dinnerware, menu, favors, etc. on table
93. Specialty drinks/champagne
94. Grand entrance
95. The Toasts
96. The first dance
97. Father/daughter dance
98. Mother/son dance
99. Sunset photos
100. Band/DJ & Dancing
101. Food prettily plated
102. Special entertainment, e.g. people using photobooth
103. Kids playing/dancing
104. Parents Dancing
105. Grandparents Dancing
106. The cake cutting
107. Bouquet and garter toss
108. Parents of bride(s) dancing
109. Parents of groom(s) dancing
110. Couple’s departure

Cocktail Hour

81. Wedding guests mingling
82. Table décor
83. Cocktail tables
84. Signage
85. Special entertainment

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