Event Rentals Management

Event Rentals Management: $600+

Obviously, I wish I could be there for every couple at every wedding, but cloning is not yet an option! Of course there are a lot of benefits of hiring Ybarra Events as your wedding or event planner, but one of the biggest benefits is the discounts! Depending on the vendors you book and the package you have hired Ybarra Events for, we can get discounts that can sometimes even amount to the price you paid for your planner, if not more! I would love for everyone to benefit from our vendor relationships, so we are now offering our discount on rentals to all couples! Even if you are not able to hire Ybarra Events to be the planner at your wedding day, we can book and manage your event rentals and extend our discount! The discount varies depending on the rental items you are booking and which company we are using. 

$600 for Rental Management

  • Virtual Meeting to discuss rental preferences, wants, and needs
  • Get the initial quote with our discount forwarded to the client 
  • Adjust the rentals based on RSVPs

Optional Additions:

$190 per Hour + Travel Fee as needed

  • Attend Rental Showroom Visit
  • Receive and double check quantities of rentals at venue 
  • Oversee Set-up of rentals
  • Oversee Breakdown of rentals