Brooke and Steven at Mountain House Estate
In Hindu Ceremonies, there is a beautiful ritual called Mangalfera, the bride and groom walk around the fire four times. Each time they walk around the fire is a symbol of the four ashrams of life. While walking around the fire, the wedding couple is praying and exchanging vows of duty, love, fidelity, and respect. It is one of the most beautful and meaningful moments to watch throughout the wedding day.

"Tara was great with every detail, every challenge that hit us all during a covid pandemic. We had a lot of changes along the way due to covid and she ran with the punches and adjusted right along with us. The day of was fabulous. She's worth every penny and invaluable..."

- Joanna

Brooke & Steven

Brooke and Steven were absolutely adorable to watch on their wedding day because they are a fun-loving and playful couple. Every part of the day was full of laughter and inside jokes. The bride also left little notes around the groom's getting ready space listing off the reasons she wanted to marry him. It was so incredibly sweet.

Inspired by the warm colors of Fall, we had rust, peach, and navy with accents of gold. Whereas the bouquets were mostly floral, teh centerpieces were just as playful as the wedding couple, accented with fluffy pampas grass.