Lynne and Elliot at Mountain House Estate

"Oh my goodness, we have so much gratitude for you."

- Lynne & Elliot

Lynne & Elliot

It is so special to find that right someone you want to spend every moment with. Lynne and Elliot were lucky enough to find each other and decided to get married in their golden years. Seeing how giddy they are together really makes you appreciate love. Family and friends are so important to them and they really wanted to treat their wedding guests to show them what they mean to them. They hosted at Mountain House Estate because of the venue's unmatched beauty. Over their wedding weekend, they hosted events that had interactive games for all their guests to play including "Russian Roulette Seating". With a background as an entertainer, Elliot sang Lynne down the aisle for their unique circular ceremony setup as well as sang during the reception. The wedding day was so special and surpassed the guest's expectations.