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Ybarra events, wedding planning, wedding planner, sonoma county, napa county, wine country wedding



Based in the heart of Wine Country, Ybarra Events is an Event Planning Company that will not only ensure your event runs smoothly, but also make sure your personality shines through in the details. Whether you're looking for something elegant and sophisticated, or quirky and cute, when they are done, your event will emerge representing Uniquely You!


Tara and James are a husband and wife duo that pride themselves on their customer service, creativity, and calming demeanor. (Much appreciated in a Wedding Planner!)


Even in her youth, it was clear Tara was destined for Event Planning. At the age of 10, she was practicing her interior design skills by rearranging furniture, sewing her own clothes from repurposed hand-me-downs, and alphabetizing and rearranging every nook and cranny of her childhood home. I’m sure her parents appreciated every bit of it.


Tara’s wedding experience started in 2002, when she took up the position of a Photographer’s Assistant. She loved capturing the secret or unplanned moments of adoration shared between the couple. As Photography advanced to digital, she found herself missing the darkroom, and looked for another creative outlet. Tara then found baking and started working as a Pastry Chef making wedding cakes for a local bakery. After witnessing a coworker drop a cake upon delivery, she decided she would rather deliver something a little less fragile! A Florist she had been networking with had been attempting to coerce her into joining forces, and so, Tara conceded and began learning all there was to know about the meanings of flowers and traditions floral brings to a wedding. Making boutonnieres, bouquets, centerpieces, and all other floral décor was wonderful, but after a few years, Tara felt the absence of bearing witness to the joy taking place throughout the entire day of the event. After contemplation, she came to the realization, with her combined passions for planning, organizing, and decorating, Wedding Planning was her true calling! She went to school for Event Planning, and with the support and encouragement of her husband, Tara and James opened Ybarra Events for business in 2013! Now Tara has combined her collected skills and passions to become the ultimate Wedding Planner! She has her previous vocational experience in addition to being a Certified Event Planner, Registered Minister (Just in case!), TIPS Certified, and CPR Certified.


James is the best Assistant Tara could hope for. His customer service, attention to detail, and uncanny ability to anticipate the wants and needs of others have set him apart. A previous review likened James to a superhero, speeding around the venue, spotting and solving problems before others have a chance to notice them. Tara states, “His wit and charm make him likeable and easy to work with, and he’s so lucky to never be free of me. Not at work, not at home…never!” (Insert maniacal laugh). James lovingly responds, “Yeah, she’s the boss at work and at home. I’m just the brawn.”


It is clear these two are an unbeatable planning combination for a successful and fun-loving event.


Tara, James, and their three daughters